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Hog Roast

Have you got a lot of people to feed?

Imagine lots of crunchy crackling and melt in the mouth pork!

Hog Roasts ar[013765]e a great way of feeding a large number of people.  A whole pig will cater for upwards of 80 people and is perfect for both casual outdoor parties or an evening snack at a summer Wedding.

We can carve the pig in front of your guests as a spectacle or provide it buffet style.

It comes with a choice of amazing salads and accompaniments, such as roast potatoes or vegetables, as well as plenty of naughty desserts!  There would also be a vegetarian or non-pork option available too.

 Fancy a Hog Roast for a smaller party then we can help with that too, we can do a hot meat sandwich for you, cooking a joint of your chosen meat from Pork, Beef or Turkey served in a Floured Bap with sauce to accompany the meat.